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50 Best Research Paper Topics for 2022



Writing a research paper may seem a challenging task even if it is an important part of everyday student’s life. Students are asked to write a research paper every semester for essay writing service


Research paper demands a lot of effort and quality time. So, do not let your paper give you anxiety or affect your overall grades. To minimize stress, it is important to be confident about the topic you choose for your research paper. Many times teachers do not assign the topic and asked the students to choose the one by themselves. 


When choosing the research topic, make sure it is exciting and not boring. Choose something that intrigues the readers and motivate them to read the entire piece from start to end. Here you can find some of the great topics that you can consider for your next research paper. 


  1. Significance of media in war against crimes
  2. Democracy and rights of expression
  3. Media and religion
  4. Mobile media
  5. Political pattern and communication
  6. Popular traditions and culture
  7. Strategic language and communication
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  9. Effects of social media
  10. The role of mass media
  11. Online advertisement
  12. Role of media in influencing war
  13. Media broadcasting and coverage


  1. Media personalities
  2. Film, radio, and TV
  3. History of film
  4. Media aesthetics
  5. Journalism
  6. Culture and media policy
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  8. Ethics and media
  9. History of media
  10. Innovations of the media
  11. Industries and the media
  12. Media use among adolescents and kids
  13. Technology versus media


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